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S700 Servo Drive - Kollmorgen

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Kollmorgen - S700 Servo Drive

S700 Servo Drive by Kollmorgen

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The S700 is a digital servo drive with extended functionality that is ideal for complex drive tasks. It incorporates onboard Ethernet connectivity for use with EtherCAT® and SynqNet™, and the optional MMC memory card enables parameter records and firmware to be easily backed up in the field. A Safe Torque Off function is standard, and other safety functions can be added.


• CE, UL, TÜV safety tested
• Operation directly from grounded 110 to 480 VAC, 1 or 3-phase, 50 to 60 Hz lines
• Models with maximum continuous output current from 1.5 to 72 Amps RMS/phase
• Safe Torque Off (STO) function onboard
• Safety expansion cards available with SIL2 or SIL3 safety functions such as SDI, SLS, SS1, SS2,
  SBC and more
• EtherCAT® and CANopen bus communication onboard
• Slot for MMC memory card for backup and copy of parameters and firmware
• Optimized resolver interface
• Autotuning
• Cogging suppression
• Fastest feedback evaluation on the market

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Kollmorgen Distributor - United States

Kollmorgen is a leading provider of motion systems and components for original equipment manufacturers around the globe. With over sixty years of motion control design and development expertise, Kollmorgen delivers breakthrough solutions unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use.

Through world-class knowledge in motion, industry-leading quality, and deep expertise in linking and integrating standard and custom products, Kollmorgen provides OEMs with the competitive advantage they need to succeed.